Social Media Policy

I would hate for a few simple words or actions to effect my future in a negative light. It is a wise idea to consider thinking about what you are making public. Personal information is so easy to access for someone who really wants it.
One good way to maintain privacy is to keep the password changed every 90 days. That is one of the techniques that is used at my place of employment. Something else to think about while you are posting a status while you are on the clock is whether or not your employer is watching you. Negative output about your job can put you in a compromising position. An option to consider is how this could effect the image of the employer.
In a recent article I read it mentioned giving yourself the “grandma test” before submitting your ideas online. Meaning do not release any information online that you would not want your grandma to see. I will continue to keep that in mind. I will strive to monitor the friends that I accept online using Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks that I remain affiliated with.
In this site it had 10 tips for your own Social Media Policy

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Campus Event Reaction

I attended the Vendor Expo on campus. There were booths with people from different cultures or students whom have visited other cultures and students informing you on upcoming events going on throughout campus. It was not an overcrowded event and it didn’t seem to have as many booths as some of the other events I have attended, but I still found it to be interesting.
I met two students who visited Honduras for fourteen days and they bought back several souvenirs. They were selling them and the money raised would be used to get shoes for people there. There was a man from Africa who was selling jewelry that he made himself. When I looked at the necklaces and bracelets that had symbols on them I just liked them, but when I asked him about the symbols he told me that some of them had meanings I liked them even more. Not only was I looking at a necklace with a cross the was the first cross. One of them had a symbol that meant “life”.
Overall it was alright, I have attended several events on campus and enjoy them all. Not only do I learn different things about the campus I also learn interesting things about people and places off the campus. Even as being an employee the events help me learn more about my surroundings on campus and the different cultures of students who attend. Asking questions made my attendance at the event more interesting.

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Digital Dirt

It’s amazing what some people will post on their social network sites and that includes family, friends, and strangers. I have some friends who have their social network pages linked to their phones and they post their every move made from the departure away from home back to returning home. What is scary about this situation is that a few months ago I seen on the news where houses were being burglarized and they were using social network postings as the resource to find out when people were away from home to rob them. Not only does putting too much information on the internet be unsafe it can hurt your reputation in the least way you would expect it to. If you were looking for a job or on the job, I don’t think posting half-naked pictures or posting how wasted you got over the weekend would be something I would want my employer knowing. I even found it interesting to know that the profile you may be using may be the one that can also hinder you from getting into that school you wanted to get into. This site had some pretty interesting tips on things to keep you safe while networking. This link mentioned the “grandmother test:” if you wouldn’t want her to see it,then don’t share it. I like that, it gives you something to keep in mind before you start typing or downloading that picture. Be mindful of what you are putting online because you never know who is looking and there all sorts of ways for anyone to get the information they are looking for.

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One Week of Twitter

Well I must say when I first got started with twitter it was not at all interesting to me personally. I guess that was only because a very limited few of my friends and family are using Twitter. In Facebook I often find myself getting hung up on playing time-consuming games that keep me coming back. That is actually one of the things I did like about Twitter because I am really trying to cut loose some of the distractions. It has also been interesting getting to chat with my classmates, being that we don’t physically see each other. After this class I think I might possibly give Twitter a try for a while longer to see if I could get some of my friends to join as well. It’s what you make of it and since I started to give it a try I have found it to be somewhat interesting. I have really been trying not to get to addicted to being under two social networks. Twitter does not seem to have a whole lot of conversation going on for me. Even though I don’t really chat or text a whole lot that’s kind of what keeps my attention. I really think I will continue using Twitter so that I can give it a fair shot. I have not sent out any requests to my friends so, I can’t say that Twitter is not for me. I have joined a couple of groups and as I am typing I heard one of my favorite radio stations mention that they are on Twitter, so here goes. If you would like to continue following me on Twitter @

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Facebook All The Time

I have been asking myself how did I get caught up on Facebook.  I  always liked to surf the internet, but over the past few months I have really been overwhelmed with all my classmates and family I have gotten reacquainted with.  At first I was skeptical but I had a few of my best friends to join and that’s all they were talking about so I figured I had to give it a try.  After reading this blog at  I started asking myself the question am I addicted and how much of my time am I spending on facebook.  It’s not that I chat so much the games have somehow caught my interest as well.  As the writer in the blog talks about wasting alot of time on there, I realized that I often find myself doing the same thing.  I have considered deleting my page so that I can be more focused on my daily life.  I agree with the writer I love facebook as well, but at the same time I must stop making it a priority to check it so regularly or stay on it for long period times.  The question was asked is it used to my advantage or a time waster.  For me, I think it has become an addictive time waster but the biggest advantage is keeping in touch.  If you are a facebook fan, I would like to know how you feel about facebook and how often do you find yourself being on there.

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About Me

I have been out of high school for awhile but  I recently received an Associates Degree in a Accounting at 2-year college. I wanted to further my education a little further, but so far it hasn’t been easy.  Trust me being a mom, working full-time and now school is areal challenge, but I am ready for it.

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